Boogie Tots gives an introduction to dance in an exciting, energetic way, using traditional party dances, action nursery rhymes and current pop songs.

It is an extremely active session which encourages the children to have lots of fun whilst they exercise helping to tackle the increasing problem of childhood obesity, getting in their 30 minutes of recommended exercise each day, it is also great for confidence building and freedom of expression
Recent feedback back has shown Boogie Tots has improved coordination and children’s abilities to copy and follow instructions, helped with listening skills and improved memory and ultimately captured their interests.

It is a great outlet for their excess energy, fantastic for building their confidence and express themselves freely

In the fun filled session we work in pairs, use different levels and dance with colourful, enticing props, the music is familiar and the actions are easy and engaging. It really is an enjoyable session and the children will not stop talking about it.

Our sessions in nurseries can be 30 minute or 45 minute sessions and link in to EYFS topics with lessons on traditional tales, dinosaurs, space, pirates, celebrations and much more, our instructors are more than happy to accommodate the nurseries needs and include additional topics on request.


  • Physical Activity – Boogie Tots encourages children to get their recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise, addressing the issue of childhood obesity.
  • Coordination and Instruction Following – The program helps improve children’s coordination and their ability to copy and follow instructions, fostering essential motor and cognitive skills.
  • Listening Skills – Through engaging dance and music, children enhance their listening skills, which are important for their overall development.
  • Memory Improvement – Boogie Tots contributes to memory enhancement, helping children remember actions and routines.
  • Confidence Building – It provides a fantastic outlet for children to build self-confidence and express themselves freely.
  • Variety of Topics – The program offers a diverse range of topics, such as traditional tales, dinosaurs, space, pirates, and celebrations, to align with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, making it a valuable addition to nursery lessons.

These benefits make Boogie Tots a valuable and enriching experience for nurseries and the children they care for.

If you would like to discuss how to get Boogie Tots in your nursery or preschool please contact us here


Boogie Tots was recommended to us by other settings in our Collaboration and we are so glad that they did! As soon as the children met Sammie they were engaged and so keen to join in with the exciting singing and dancing routines that she introduces to them. The pattern of each session gives the children the confidence to join in and to even ask for favourite songs, alongside the new and varied routines that keep their interest and enthusiasm for joining in and expressing themselves. We would 100% recommend Boogie Tots; our children love our sessions and we have seen the positive impact through their love of music, dancing and the joy of exercising too!
Borden Preschool

THANK YOU Sammie! Our Abbey children have thoroughly enjoyed the past few weeks dancing in the garden! Children who don’t normally dance have joined in which is amazing! Dancing gives children confidence and self belief! You make it fun and children want to copy your moves! Being able to express themselves! Even the staff look forward to your next visit and keeps us fit too! Would definitely recommend – no one compares! Well Done Sammie we look forward to our next Boogie Tots session x
Debbie Harrison

Abbey playgroup

The children have all really enjoyed Boogie tots and their confidence has really excelled. I think the staff have enjoyed it to. Some of our children struggle with focusing attention and its nice to see that you capture and hold their attention. Some children have taken a couple of weeks to warm up and its nice to see them finally taking part. Its nice that the sessions are free flow and the children are able to participate however long they like. We have noticed that some children will wander off or go and have snack and then come back to join the sessions. I also like that the children are now confident to ask for specific songs or make requests during the sessions. The sessions are fun, lively and upbeat. I would definitely recommend your service to other settings. I like the flexibility of the session and all children are included and catered for. The children with additional needs have also been able to access and join in with the sessions. Lots of our children that attend preschool at the moment got caught up in covid and haven’t been able to attend groups or social events so its nice to give them the experiences that they have missed out on.
Teynham PreSchool

‘5* all the way from everyone at Minster Playgroup, our little people love seeing Sammie, in fact so do the big people too! A great physical work out that you don’t even realise you’re doing! Recommended’

Nursery Manager, Minster PLaygroup