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  • Are you passionate about working with children?
  • Do you come out of a Boogie Tots class feeling energised, happy and positive?
  • Would you like to feel like this every day when you go to work?

This is what running a Boogie Tots business is like, you can see the positive impact the class makes on children and their families all the time.

As a Boogie Tots franchise owner you would get to choose how many classes a week you run, when you run them and where you hold them, you get to run the business for yourself but not by yourself as you will receive ongoing support from our head office, all training, knowledge and equipment is provided so you can start your classes straight away.

“I attended your session with my daughter for the first time last week. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and would love to start creating the same environment for children”

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We help passionate performers go from struggling to find work in their industry to becoming Boogie Tots bosses setting their own hours and feeling the pure joy you get from positively impacting children’s lives and enriching your local community through our fun, inclusive dance classes.

If you don’t have a Boogie Tots class in your area, talk to us about franchising and you could be setting up your own classes sooner than you think
Boogie Tots helps you work around your family so you can earn a substantial income to take dream holidays, choose your own hours and work for yourself without the risk.

Boogie Tots brings unique, engaging dance classes to communities, schools and nurseries, positively impacting children’s lives by building their confidence, encouraging them to express themselves freely and being inclusive.

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What qualities are we are looking for?

  • A fun, enthusiastic and motivated individual who loves working with children
  • A passion for music, movement and dance
  • You will have your own car and driving licence
  • Determination and drive to achieve your goals and make your franchise successful
  • A happy, confident positive person that children can relate and look up to
  • Lots of energy to engage with toddlers and create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere during classes.

What do you get?

  • Everything you need to run your business including
  • Full training in the Boogie Tots ethos, lesson plans and business training
  • Website page and social media accounts
  • All the equipment to run your business and training to do so
  • Ongoing support from Head Office
  • Do you want to find out more?

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Mothers to young children always have to put their children’s well-being first, it’s what we do! Sammie completely understands this and I can work in the small windows of time I have in between school runs, nursery days, and having a 2-year-old with me most of the time!

There are not many jobs that can offer this type of flexible work so it appealed to me!

I want to still do their school pick-ups and drop-offs and watch their plays and school demonstrations it’s why I became a mother and is very important to me.


Boogie Tots, Sittingbourne

Being a Boogie Tots instructor is so much fun. It’s so rewarding seeing the kids and their grownups growing in confidence each week, making new connections and exploring their own imaginations through the use of movement, games and props.

They love grooving to up to date music and enjoy the familiarity of the kids songs and nursery rhymes. Sammie is fab to work with. She’s got so many ideas and gives you all the support you need to grow your boogie tots classes.


Boogie Tots Sittingbourne

When you love what you do, it’s no longer a job it’s pure joy!, It’s been so great to see the children’s confidence grow week by week. For me, it’s all about seeing the children happy, growing in confidence, really relaxing and letting themselves go, enjoying the moves & the music, I’ve not felt this happy for a long time, I’m truly blessed to be dancing and boogieing with Boogie Tots”

Boogie Tots, Sittingbourne

When doing school or nursery visits it’s a great feeling seeing the children’s faces light up as you walk in carrying your speaker and wearing your Boogie Tots T-shirt!

They really can’t wait to start dancing with you and that kind of energy is good for your soul as well as theirs.


Boogie Tots Sittingbourne

Sammie was very excited about me helping which put me at ease and made me feel confident enough to be able to do it. Sammie was so helpful giving me as much direction and freedom as I wanted. Messaging me before every class, wishing me luck and always being at the end of the phone, (even when she was on holiday!)

It helped me see how supportive she was and how passionate she was about her business. I’ve loved every minute of being given the opportunity to work with Sammie and do some classes.

I am in awe of how many ideas and plans Sammie has and cannot wait to see what 2024 will bring for me with working with Sammie!!


Boogie Tots Sheerness