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At Boogie Tots, we’re on a mission to raise children’s confidence through the joy of dance.

Our fun and engaging dance classes build confidence and empower children to express themselves freely, in schools, nurseries and in their local communities.

But that’s not all. We’re also here to help passionate individuals who love working with children achieve a better work-life balance. With Boogie Tots, you can turn your love of performing into a thriving business through our franchising opportunity.

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Sammie Searle is the founder and franchisor of the successful Entertainment Company, Boogie Tots®.

She has worked within the entertainment industry for over 26 years both in the UK and internationally. She started Boogie Tots in 2008 when she couldn’t find any similar classes for her son, She has honed her extensive experience, to help build confidence in children, through dance and music, in schools, nurseries and in the community for the past 15 years.

In 23/24 Boogie Tots® was voted Children’s Entertainment Company of the Year in the London and South East prestige awards and is an Small Business Sunday winner.

Some of our feedback

We have tried a range of activities but Boogie tots hits a wider range of audience and can be done in various ways either dancing or through games such as floor is lava helping motivate our pupils to move more and build on their wellbeing.
Deanna Bailey

Meadowfield School

‘5* all the way from everyone at Minster Playgroup, our little people love seeing Sammie, in fact so do the big people too! A great physical work out that you don’t even realise you’re doing! Recommended.

Nursery Manager, Minster Playgroup

The pupils gain an early insight into dance by having to follow and remember simple dance routines. They develop different levels of fitness such as balance and coordination.

The children benefit from the sessions as they have a positive impact on their social skills, behaviour, physical skills and creativity which is linked to the expressive arts.

All children are engaged and love participating, even the children who were reluctant at first are now joining in with elements of the session. Durmus loves it!!!

Every session is action packed and relevant to the children’s interests and what they are learning in class. The 1/2 hour sessions whizz by! Speaking for my class, they asked to do a dance from a few weeks before and it was incorporated into the session.

Halfway Houses School


We chose Boogie Tots for our Reception Classes as Mrs Bennett had been taking her own children to the sessions at Thistle Hill and recommended it. We didn’t have a discreet PE lesson so thought this would be ideal in the way of physical development and for pupil enjoyment too.

Our pupils showed improved self esteem and we believe that Boogie Tots played a part in this, even the most shy pupils were happy to demonstrate their work to the class. Pupils also showed improved gross motor skills. Their (and teachers!) coordination was also improved as a result of putting a number of movements together. Pupils listening skills improved and their ability to work with others.

We would (and have) recommended Boogie Tots to other schools because as well as enjoyment pupils get a lot from it.

We were very impressed that you linked your sessions to our topics”

Minster Primary School


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