This was said to me recently when I was questioning the value of our weekly dance sessions, sometimes I go into nurseries and create chaos, the children are loud, energetic, they run around, be silly and have lots of fun, all nice things but sometimes I wonder what are they really getting out of the sessions, then someone said “Not all Mum’s are dancing in the kitchen with their children”

And there you have it, that’s the value of Boogie Tots It is an outlet for excess energy, a way to let off some steam after having to sit still for a bit or take turns or play nicely. It is a chance to move to music you may not have heard before or songs that you have at home and want to share with your friends.

It’s a chance to be social, bond with your peers and celebrate the joy of shared experiences, it creates a sense of belonging.

It is a chance to be confident, to shout out and singalong, a way to express yourself freely and try out new ways to move your body.

It is also a chance to just be yourself, it’s okay if you just like to watch, it is okay if you like to do your own moves, it is okay if you want to do every step correctly, it’s okay to be you.

With one of our core values being to give every child confidence to express themselves freely, I can see Boogie Tots has lots of value and it means those that are not getting the opportunity to dance at home can do so with us at Boogie Tots.