Your never too young to Boogie, fun filled dance sessions for all ages

  Boogie Dance Classes & Parties

Shake what your mama gave you!! A Funky Dance Class for all abilities, learn MTV inspired Routines!!

Boogie Tots is a fun, funky dance session which encourages children to have lots of fun whilst they exercise, helping to tackle the increasing problem of childhood obesity; it is also great for confidence building and freedom of expression.
It works particularly well with reception and nursery children and makes a great alternative to their regular PE lesson. Boogie Tots gives an introduction to dance in an exciting, energetic way, using traditional party dances, action nursery rhymes and current pop songs.
I have run these classes extremely successfully at Minster Primary School, Minster Nursery, Halfway Houses school and Queenborough School and Nursery. Queenborough, in particular, have seen great benefits in their pupils and extended the sessions to Years 1 and 2 and also had me out in the playground at lunchtime to get everyone dancing and having fun.
Recent feedback back has shown Boogie Tots has improved coordination and children’s abilities to copy and follow instructions, helped with listening skills and improved memory and ultimately captured their interests.  
If you would like to discuss how to get Boogie Tots in your school or nursery please email or call 07917 341412

This is what they are saying about BOOGIE TOTS on the Halfway Houses School Website!!!!

The pupils gain an early insight into dance by having to follow and remember simple dance routines. They develop different levels of fitness such as balance and coordination. 

The children benefit from the sessions as they have a positive impact on their social skills, behaviour, physicalskills and creativity which is linked to the expressive arts.
From interviewing a selection of Year R children, one stated “Boogie Tots is fantastic” and another saying “Boogie tots makes me happy because I love to dance.”

We chose Boogie Tots for our Reception Classes as Mrs Bennett had been taking her own children to the sessions at Thistle Hill and recommended it. We didn't have a discreet  PE lesson so thought this would be ideal in the way of physical development and for pupil enjoyment too.
Our pupils showed improved self esteem and we believe that Boogie Tots played a part in this, even the most shy pupils were happy to demonstrate their work to the class. Pupils also showed improved gross motor skills. Their (and teachers!) coordination was also improved as a result of putting a number of movements together. Pupils listening skills improved and their ability to work with others
We would (and have) recommended Boogie Tots to other schools because as well as enjoyment pupils get a lot from it.
We were very impressed that you linked your sessions to our topics.


We have seen the benefits in many ways. The children's gross motor stamina and coordination have improved and the children are more flexible and open to movement, this has had a direct impact on their fine motor.  Their confidence has increased greatly, seen in their freedom of expression and confidence to try new moves. Listening skills have also improved and the children are able to follow direction and respond appropriately.  I would recommend this service to other settings, the dance sessions are engaging and lively and the children benefit greatly from them. Sam also links sessions to themes we are covering in class.


All children are engaged and love participating, even the children who were reluctant at first are now joining in with elements of the session. Durmus loves it!!!

Every session is action packed and relevant to the children's interests and what they are learning in class. The 1/2 hour sessions whizz by! Speaking for my class, they asked to do a dance from a few weeks before and it was incorporated into the session.