Your never too young to Boogie, fun filled dance sessions for all ages

  Boogie Tots® 

Shake what your mama gave you!! A Funky Dance Class for all abilities, learn MTV inspired Routines!!


Boogie Tots is aimed at walking to 5 year olds, however younger and older siblings are always welcome, this is what Kelly said about the classes which she attends with her 9 month old, Polly

It's bitter sweet my 4 year old Daisy is now not able to go to Boogie Tots, we have been going since she was 1 and always loved the class! But it was really special this week to take her baby sister Polly! It's so important to me to have that time for just us! Because of covid we haven’t had much one on one time, so it’s fantastic I can now bring her to Boogie Tots. And she absolutely loves it! Thank you Sammie, a new chapter


Things are slightly different at the moment due to the global pandemic so classes are currently being held via Zoom.
Boogie Tots Sessions run at Thistlehill Community Centre, Laurel Road in Minster on Sea, Friendship House, Love Lane in Minster on Sea and Lakeview Hall, Great Easthall, Sittingbourne


This isn't a problem, at Boogie Tots we try to encourage the children to join in by getting their parents or carers to dance with them, so if you are dancing along hopefully they will too. This is a fun friendly class, we are fully inclusive and welcoming, the most important thing is to have fun and bond with your child, please don't worry if they are not getting all the moves right, as long as they are moving, smiling and enjoying themselves they will be a success!!

what are the online classes like? 

The classes are currently running on Zoom, they provide that little bit of social interaction that we are missing at the moment, you can access Zoom on your mobile by downloading the app, on your laptop or tablet, once you have booked on to a session via the booking site, you will then receive an email with the zoom log in details. Once in the room you will be able to see Sammie and the other families on the session, you can then interact with Sammie and dance along in the comfort of your own home. If you feel uncomfortable having your video camera on, you have the option to turn it off.

This is Preston, he has been coming to the Boogie Tots Classes for a while and has also been enjoying them online


Yes, siblings are always welcome, there is a £2 charge for additional children.